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COSE offers its members financing options to help manage the costs of energy efficiency programs at your business through:

COSE Interest Rate Reduction Program

COSE works directly with KeyBank to provide flexible financing options for small business energy efficiency projects. The key to this relationship is the creation of an interest rate reduction program for qualifying energy efficiency projects for members projects.  Loans are structured so that the reduction in your utility bills covers the loan repayment, spreading out the cost of the equipment without negatively impacting cash flow.

Cash Rebates 

Since 2009, COSE has been a FirstEnergy Ohio Administrator assisting hundreds of eligible businesses get access to the cash rebates for projects. We will help you apply for cash rebates and incentives for lighting, HVAC, and specialty equipment that will improve the ROI of your energy project. Don't miss out on getting paid for making energy efficient upgrades and reducing utility expenses. Pre-approval is required before purchase and installation. 

The COSE Energy Team will also assist you with an energy audit and line up your project through COSE's Contractor & Distributors Network with quotes to determine if your business qualifies for a rebate. Please contact Andrew Smyser, Energy Manager at (216) 592-2432 or

Your participation in these programs reduces demand for electricity, which results in the creation of energy efficiency resource credits. Through your participation in these programs, you agree to allow your utility to take ownership of and sell these credits to reduce the costs charged to our customers to administer energy efficiency programs. Costs of this program may be recovered through customer rates in accordance with Ohio law.

PACE Financing

COSE has partnered with Greenworks Lending to enable property owners to access financing to undertake qualifying energy efficiency and clean energy improvements on their buildings and repay the investment through an additional charge (“assessment”) on their property tax bill. Watch the video below to learn how PACE financing can help you pay for your energy efficiency project. 

Cuyahoga County Clean Energy Financing Hub

As one of COSE’s strategic financing partner’s, together we have developed and implemented a collaborative, public-private approach to the Financing Hub that will deliver expert project implementation support and valuable financial solutions.  The HUB helps bring private financing at competitive rates to building owners (small businesses, large commercial/industrial, local government, non-profit, and faith-based institutions) in Cuyahoga County for energy efficiency upgrades and solar projects. The goal is to finance project costs so that the amount of energy you are saving or producing is greater than the costs you are spending on your upgrade.

  • The HUB can help identify energy saving projects through energy audits
  • The HUB will help outline financing options
  • The HUB will find lenders
  • The HUB will help measure savings

Get Paid for Your Energy Efficiency Projects

  • PJM offers cash incentives (equal to 30-60% of a local rebate) to all nonresidential customers who install(ed) energy efficient equipment that permanently reduces the use of electricity during peak times. The project may qualify for up to four years of payments after the installation. Also, after the project is approved, there is absolutely NO RISK to the customer as long as they continue to operate the new energy-efficient equipment. The money will be paid in a lump sum or quarterly depending on the size of the project. COSE was named an administrator in 2015 and available to assist at no cost to the municipality, and its businesses.
  • FirstEnergy, large user customers may qualify for exemption from the Demand Side Management Energy Efficiency Rider (DSE2) by demonstrating and committing their energy savings through your upgrades, to qualify to bypass rider charges on all of your electric usage. COSE was named an administrator for FirstEnergy in 2009 and is available to assist at no cost to the user. This program applies to businesses, nonprofits and municipalities.