Prior to enrolling in the COSE MEWA, all employers must read and agree to the administration and compliance guidelines. Employers are also required to provide a Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC). Please see the below links for detailed information on employer requirements, plan SBCs, Underwriting Guidelines and more.

Annual Notice: Benefits Reminders
The Annual Notice of Health Benefits reminders will be mailed every year, during the first quarter, to all employers enrolled in the COSE MEWA. It is the employer’s responsibility to distribute this information to their employees.

Administration and Compliance Guide
This guide contains information on administering your plan and provides summary guidance with applicable state and federal laws.

Underwriting Guidelines
These guidelines summarize your group’s requirements for participating in the MEWA. Refer to this document for help with setting up funding rate contributions, determining residency and enrollment requirements, and more.

Summary of Plan Description
The summary plan description (SPD) describes benefits and terms of coverage. Medical Mutual will create a generic SPD by wrapping the Plan Document with the Benefit Book for each employee. However, employers are responsible for creating and distributing group-specific plan documents and the SPD. To help you create a group-specific SPD, the COSE MEWA offers a template.

Summary Plan Description Help

Summary of Benefits and Coverage

Health insurers are required by the Affordable Care Act to provide a Medical Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC). An SBC helps you better understand your health plan by using a standard format that helps you easily compare plans.

Effective 1/1/2019

2020-1000 w/Rx
2520-250 w/Rx
2520-500 w/Rx
3020-1500 w/Rx
2520-2000 w/Rx
3020-3000 w/Rx
30-5000 w/Rx
25-1000 w/Rx
25-2000 w/Rx
25-3000 w/Rx
HSA 2000 w/MMRx Agg (Single)
HSA 2000 w/MMRx Agg (Family)
HSA 3000 w/PD Rx
HSA 4000 w/PD Rx
HSA 5000 w/PD Rx
HSA 6550 w/MMRx
HRA 25-1000 w/Rx
HRA 25-2000 w/Rx
HRA 25-3000 w/Rx
CLE CARE 2020-1000
CLE CARE 2520-250
CLE CARE 2520-2000
MedFlex 2020-1000
MedFlex 2520-250
MedFlex 2520-2000
MedFlex HSA 5000 

Effective 7/1/2019
HRA 3000 w/Rx
HRA 5000 w/Rx
HRA 6550 w/Rx


Premium Only Plan

A Section 125 Premium-Only-Plan (POP) is a cafeteria plan that lets employees pay their health insurance premiums using tax-free dollars. Traditionally, POP plans have been used in combination with employer-sponsored group health insurance.