The COSE MEWA offers a variety of different plan options, including traditional copay plans and higher deductible health plans with varying deductibles and coinsurance. Below you will find a broad range of plan designs and benefit options to choose from to determine which plan is best for your business. 

copay plans

Copay Plans
Copay plans give your employees fixed costs for things like office visits, prescription drugs and more.

Medical Highlight Sheets - Effective 1/1/2019

2020-1000 w/Rx
2520-250 w/Rx
2520-500 w/Rx
3020-1500 w/Rx
2520-2000 w/Rx
3020-3000 w/Rx
30-5000 w/Rx
25-1000 w/Rx
25-2000 w/Rx
25-3000 w/Rx

HSA Plan

HSA Plans
Medical Mutual’s HSA plans are qualified high-deductible health plans. Your employees can use these plans with a health savings account (HSA) to save for healthcare costs on a tax-advantaged basis.

Medical Highlight Sheets - Effective 1/1/2019

HSA 2000 w/MMRx Agg (Single)
HSA 2000 w/MMRx Agg (Family)
HSA 3000 w/PD Rx
HSA 4000 w/PD Rx
HSA 5000 w/PD Rx
HSA 6550 w/MMRx

HRA Plans

HRA Plans
A health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) plan is IRS-approved, employer-funded and tax-advantaged. These plans reimburse employees for out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Medical Highlight Sheets - Effective 1/1/2019

HRA 25-1000 w/Rx
HRA 25-2000 w/Rx
HRA 25-3000 w/Rx

HRA 3000 w/Rx

HRA 5000 w/Rx

HRA 6550 w/Rx

HMO Plans

HMO Plans

Medical Mutual offers HMO plan options to deliver quality care at a lower cost by utilizing key providers and health systems in certain counties throughout Ohio.

Medical Highlight Sheets - Effective 1/1/2019

CLE CARE 2520-250
CLE CARE 2520-2000
MedFlex 2020-1000
MedFlex 2520-250
MedFlex 2520-2000
MedFlex HSA 5000 

Med Mutual Extend

MedMutual ExtendTM Indemnity Plans
This new indemnity insurance benefit provides employers the opportunity to expand their voluntary employee benefit options by making additional hospital, accident and critical illness coverage available. 



As a member of Medical Mutual's SuperMed® PPO Network, you have access to Cleveland Clinic’s Express Care® Online. Express Care Online is a secure service that offers 24/7 care with no appointment needed for simple conditions such as sinus infections, cold symptoms, rashes, ear aches and stomach pain.

Employer Group Enrollment Application and Participation Agreement

General FSA Overview

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